At Vanderlaans we take pride in our service and extend many manufacturer warranties for our customers.

If you have any questions please visit us at our showroom where we have a knowledgeable staff with displays to show you every product type. See below for further information on our product warranties.

Window Warranty

Northstar Vinyl Windows and Doors guarantees its products against faults in manufacturing and defective materials through a transferable lifetime warranty. Details of the Northstar Warranty include:


Lifetime warranty on white window and patio door frames and sashes
20-year warranty on interior and exterior coloured laminates
20-year warranty on aluminum-clad window frames and sashes
Lifetime warranty on hardware (patio door hardware is covered for a period of 5 years)


Northstar provides a one year labour warranty from date of purchase.


Upon installation a Northstar warranty card is provided. It is recommended that the customer fills this out and mails to Northstar as soon as possible.

Door Warranty

KV Doors takes pride in offering customers an industry leading “Limited Lifetime Non-Prorated full Transferable” warranty. Details of the KV Warranty include:


20 year Limited Warranty on Factory White, Steel Door Panels
20 year Limited Warranty on Decorative Door lites
15 year Limited Warranty on Painted Steel Door systems & Vinyl Cladding
Lifetime Limited Warranty on Vinyl Cladding (White 141 & White 136


KV liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair and replacement, at the option of KV. Under no circumstance will KV be liable for any consequential or accidental charges, such as, but not limited to, labour, refinishing, inconvenience, damages or injury to persons or property or any other expenses.

Trough Warranty

Gentek Aluminum Siding, Soffit, Fascia and Eaves Trough warranties are second to none. Details of the Gentek Aluminum Products Warranty include:


40 year warranty (prorated basis) which protects against manufacturing defects causing, blistering, peeling and flaking


Due to our countries variation in temperature from Summer to Winter causing materials to contract and expand, to prevent potential leaks it is highly recommended that you inspect your trough and service each year with a proper gutter sealant. We also recommend to the homeowner to clean out their gutters before winter to prevent ice build up which could damage the eaves trough and downpipe (leaves, shingle debris, ect.)